Trading In Your Vehicle

In today’s market with new car margins shrinking, a good way to not get the most money for your used car’s trade-in value is to have no real market knowledge of what it is worth.

Book values such as Kelley Blue Book can be a good start, but they only offer a general guide. The bottom line is a car is worth what some one will pay for it. In fact the used market has become so volatile that the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), publisher of NADA used car guides, used by lenders and dealers across the country, recently sent a notice to its dealers to throw away their books as they can no longer keep up with changes in the market. Many factors go into the market value of a used car. If it were as simple as trading for a car at what a book says trade value is worth and selling at retail value, any body could be a used car manager.

There really is a science to evaluate Used Cars Trade in Value. It is highly important to know the market value of your trade before you shop. It’s important to keep the car purchase and the car trade-in transactions separate.

The consumer is buying a car from the dealer and the dealer is buying a car from the consumer. CarCaddy intends to facilitate separating these transactions and by placing your car on the CarCaddy website, you all do just that and be armed with a price a dealer you know will pay for your used car trade-in.