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How do you know what valuations to depend on when you’re trading in your vehicle? Should you go by Kelley Blue Book Value as a basis for your vehicle’s value? Should you go with what the local dealership provided you as a value? Perhaps you should go with what CarMax told you your vehicle is worth. Or should you take the highest value from all of these options to the dealer when you trade-in your car?

Well, you could easily go to the dealer with a monthly payment in mind (realistic payment) and the dealer will likely get you to the payment. But the terms of the vehicle purchase and consequently, the value the dealer is giving you on your trade-in vehicle, may not be ideal.

You should think of the value of your current vehicle like you would the value of your home. Your home might appraise for let’s say – for simplicity – $100,000. But what if no one in the market for a home is willing to pay $100,000. Then it really isn’t worth $100,000. Your home is really worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, whether it be higher than the real estate appraiser estimates or lower than he/she estimates.

That’s why we came up with CarCaddy. CarCaddy provides you with the market value of your car based on what the public and dealers are willing to pay. Think of it as a tool to provide you with an educated dollar amount of what your car is worth before you walk into a car dealership to trade-in your car. Out goal is to get the real market value of your car on CarCaddy. It’s simple and it’s free.