Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding CarCaddy


1. How much does your service cost?
There is no currently no fee to use CarCaddy.

2. What’s the advantage of CarCaddy over similar websites?
CarCaddy is free and easy to use.

3.Am I obligated to trade or sell my car?
You will negotiate the salle/purchase with the other party, whether with a dealer or the public. This process is on you and the other party to decide.

4. Do you provide my personal contact information to dealers?
No we do not. We are not in the business of selling leads to car dealers. Your contact information will only become available to the highest bidding dealer after your auction has ended. No other dealers will receive any of your contact information.

5. Can I just sell my car on CarCaddy?
Absolutely. You can elect to sell your car to the public.

6. What’s in it for the dealers?
There’s a number of advantages for the dealers. Our dealers have a chance to acquire good quality trade-in vehicles from consumers who’d never enter the dealership and give them a shot. We have opened up a whole new market place for dealers to find used cars. Our dealers can bid with confidence and don’t pay the outrageous fees charged by traditional auto auctions.

7. What if no dealers bid on my vehicle?
This may happen. CarCaddy is a new company and advertises to sell the service to dealers. Dealers who are signed up with CarCaddy may not be interested in bidding on your car. We hope that as CarCaddy grows, more dealers will see your vehicle and therefore you will have a better chance of receiving dealer bids.

8.How does CarCaddy make money?
We don’t. We’d like to in the future but believe it or not, we’ve spent a lot to make CarCaddy but we currently don’t have any revenue.