How It Works

Understanding the Benefits of CarCaddy

How it Works

CarCaddy can benefit you in two ways. You can sell to the public and/or sell to a dealer.


CarCaddy is designed to benefit automotive dealers and customers who are interested in trading in or simply getting rid of their cars, alike. Dealers may log on to. CarCaddy to have access to your car to purchase. Many dealers have to purchase cars for inventory at the auction, but by listing your car on, they have another avenue in which to purchase cars. CarCaddy also allows you to list a car for sale to the public. The public can view your vehicle buy searching for your vehicle.

Once you sign up with CarCaddy, you will input the information about your vehicle into the appropriate fields. If you’re wondering why we require you to put in certain photos, it’s because dealers and other buyers need to know the condition of your vehicle without actually seeing it in person. In doing so, you are guaranteeing the pictures you take are of your vehicle and the description you provide of the condition is accurate.  So before you begin, it’s best to take pictures of your car to use as part of the registration process.  You’ll want a picture of both sides of the vehicle, the front AND rear of the vehicle, two interior photos, a picture of the tires that are most worn (if all are worn, that’s fine, just take a couple tire photos), and a picture of the engine.