Why CarCaddy

Reaching More Consumers

No Fees

CarCaddy is a company founded by a former dealership sales manager. We know the frustrations facing car dealers and developed this site to solve some of those dilemmas. We know this business is a monthly business and you are only as good as your last month.

As competition gets stiffer and the Internet provides more and more tools and opportunities for consumers, dealers are faced with increased competition for sales and trades. We at CarCaddy, provide a platform for used cars dealers online to reach more consumers and for more consumers to find you. We recognize that obtaining quality used cars to stock your inventory has become increasingly difficult.

We all know trade -in vehicles are the bread and butter of the used car business. Auction prices have sky rocketed and the only real beneficiary of the auction is the auction company itself. There is in adherent risk in purchasing cars from auto auctions and the fees can be crippling. We like you, know it’s safer and cheaper to get them at the curb. Our site will allow dealers to purchase vehicles from consumers who may never enter your show room.

Obviously, the more appraisal opportunities you have, the more trades you will acquire. With CarCaddy you have the ability to simply log on and search for cars consumers are interested in trading or selling within the radius of your store you are willing to travel. With CarCaddy, there are no buy fees. As a member dealer you may purchase as many cars as you desire currently for no monthly fee.

CarCaddy provides dealers with a whole new market of quality used cars you’d normally never have a chance to purchase. You can do all this in the comfort of your office as an online car dealer with CarCaddy, and in turn, place the used car for sale by dealer. At CarCaddy, we look forward to assisting your bottom line with an opportunity to purchase inventory to sell as used cars for sale by dealer.